About Us

Your feedback matters a lot to organisations as it can help them to improve their services and products to a great extent. And we know that you, too, want to share your shopping experience with your favorite brand and enjoy tailor-made services. Thus, to help you convey your needs and wants via feedback DC Church and State is here to act as the bridge between customer satisfaction surveys and you. 

Customer Satisfaction Surveys always play a vital role in a customer’s life as well as an organisation’s development. These surveys work with the sole purpose of gathering what buyers want, their needs and what they are actually getting. So this means that people are free to express their shopping experience at any of their favorite stores. Expressing thoughts, views, opinions, suggestions, and complaints are some, to name a few, that you can share. In this way, individuals who have shopped in their favortie store can happily tell their brands what they want and require. 

Now speaking about what organisations would gain from these surveys, let us say – improvisation. Improvisation in services and products thereby results in more contentment levels in customers. And let’s not forget happy customers mean more growth for the brand. Thus, organisations seek to gather their patrons’ shopping experiences frequently. And not just brands are benefitted. 

Besides, to appreciate customers’ valuable inputs, brands offer them various rewards. These rewards can appear in the form of discount coupons, free meal coupon codes, sweepstakes entries for huge prizes like gift cards or cash prizes, etc. And on top of all that better services and products.

Participating in these surveys is a piece of cake as long as you have sufficient knowledge about them. But where to get all the information on surveys under one roof? Well, here is where our site comes into the picture. Our site is well furnished with all the details like how to participate, the official site for participation, rules and eligibility criteria and etc., so you can successfully complete your participation. We are proud to term us the encyclopedia of a customer survey of industries like restaurant, supermarket, retail, pharmacy, entertainment, grocery, clothing etc.