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BJ’s Wholesale Club Frequently Asked Questions!

If you’re a BJs member, then you know that the club is home to some of the best discounts on food and drinks around. But if you’re not a member, or if you’re new to the club, then you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. In this post, we’ll answer some of the most commonly asked BJs FAQs. We’ll cover everything from membership fees and benefits to food and drink options. So whether you’re a long-time member or a first-time visitor, read on for answers to your questions!

About BJ’s Wholesale Club

BJ’s Wholesale Club is a renowned American warehouse and gas station chain. It started with the discounted department store chain Zayre in 1984, and was named after Beverly Jean, the daughter of company president at that time. Leonard Green & CVC Capital Partners took over this company in 2011. However, they still own a 34.5% equity stake in it.

They own about 20 stores in 17 states, with more than 25,000 employees. Its latest annual revenue is $120 million-plus. BJ’s sells items for daily necessities like household items, electronics and sports accessories at prices lower than competitors due to high-quality and branded products at prices up to 25% less than competitors’ prices on their ranges from sweet dishes to stationery to turkeys to organic fruits to whatever you need on your list. Have your say at BJs and help them improve their products and services. Share your opinions and rate your experience with BJs online survey. Your feedback matters, take a few minutes to complete the survey and get rewarded for it!


What does BJ’s stand for?

The name is derived from the initials of Beverly Jean Weich, the daughter of Mervyn Weich, the company’s president.

What is BJ’S Wholesale Club?

BJ’s Wholesale Club Holdings, Inc., also known as BJ’s, is a warehouse club company based in Westborough, Massachusetts. In addition to the East Coast of the United States, BJ’s serves Ohio and Michigan, and Indiana is one of its future expansion states.

Do I need a membership for BJ’s?

To shop at or in our Clubs, you must have a BJ’s Membership. A BJ’s Online AccessSM membership does not include Club shopping privileges. BJS reserves the right to require members to show their membership cards when entering any club.

Where to buy BJs Restaurant & Brewhouse gift cards?

To buy gift cards at BJs store, go to

How to check BJs gift card balance?

To check your BJs gift card balance, click on this link:

Are there any fees associated with BJ’s restaurant & brewhouse gift cards?

No. Gift Cards have no fees associated with them. Only the face value of the Gift Card, shipping, and any accessory add-ons will be charged. eGift Cards are delivered via email and do not require shipping.

What time does BJ’s wholesale club close?

Monday through Saturday, the store closes at 9 PM, and Sunday it is open until 7 PM.

Where is BJ’s wholesale club near me?

You can use this locator to find your nearest BJ’s store:

How much is BJ’s wholesale club membership?

BJ’s membership costs $110 for a year and provides members with 2% cash back on the majority of BJ’s purchases.

How do I check my gift card order status and delivery?

When your Gift Card is shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number that will allow you to check the current status of your gift’s shipping.

Can I order delivery at BJs restaurants?

Yes! You can order from or our Mobile App, and one of our delivery partners will bring it to you. There will be delivery and service charges. Gratuities are optional but greatly appreciated.

Does BJ’s wholesale club offer free shipping?

No, BJ’s Wholesale Club does not offer free shipping. Your location, as well as the shipping origin of the items you purchased, determine shipping costs.

Can I order BJs delivery the same day?

Yes, catering orders up to $500 require a minimum of two hours’ notice. Catering orders up to $1,000 require a minimum of 24 hours notice. If your order exceeds $1,000, please contact the restaurant.

Do I get loyalty points for catering orders?

Yes! If you’re a member of our BJ’s Premier Rewards PLUS program, you’ll get one point for every dollar you spend on food and non-alcoholic beverages, including catering. Available rewards can be used to place catering orders.

Does BJ’s wholesale club have a pharmacy?

Yes, BJ’s Pharmacy, like national chains, provides full-service and personalized attention to build trust between patients and pharmacists.

How to earn points for BJ’s rewards plus program?

You will earn 1 point for every $1.00 spent on food and beverages at any of our restaurants nationwide—specifically, any BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, BJ’s Pizza & Grill, or BJ’s Grill. Purchases made directly from BJ’s for delivery by BJ’s (where available) qualify as qualifying purchases, but purchases of BJ’s food or beverages ordered directly through a third-party delivery service do not qualify.

How to redeem reward points?

For every 100 points earned in the Program, you will receive an automatic non-transferable reward of $10 off a qualifying purchase at a BJ’s restaurant or on their website, and such points will be deducted from your point balance. When each Reward is issued to you, we will send you an email to your registered email address. Each Reward will typically appear in your account three (3) business days after you earn the associated 100 points.

What are BJ’s wholesale club gas rewards?

You will automatically receive a 10 cent per gallon discount. To view your points, visit BJ’ or download the BJ’s app.

Does BJ’s reward points expire?

If you do not make a qualifying purchase within 365 days of the date of your last purchase, all points in your account will expire.


In conclusion, we have answered all of your questions about BJs. We hope that this information has been helpful and informative. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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