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Frequently Asked Questions About Checker’s and Rally’s

Checkers and Rally’s are both known for their burgers, fries, and onion rings! If you’re a fan of Checkers or Rally’s, you’ll want to check out the FAQs page. In this article, we’re going to go through some of the Checkers and Rally’s FAQs. Whether you’re a first-time customer or just curious about something, we hope this information will help you out. Let us dive into the topic without any delay.

The Checkers and Rally’s

Checkers and Rally’s Restaurants began operations in 1986 and 1985 respectively. In 1999, the two fast food chains merged to create Checkers and Rally’s. Today, there are 878 locations with an array of satisfying customer reviews. Though most locations have limited inside seating options (only a few offer), they all come equipped with drive-thrus or walk-up windows. This restaurant chain offers everything from burgers to fried chicken and fries – try their Big Buford burger! Looking for more information about Checkers and Rally’s? Get answers to all kinds of frequently asked questions and leave your feedback in the GuestObsessed survey. From deals to nutrition info, we’ve got you covered! Find the answers you need quickly and conveniently.

Checkers and Rally’s FAQs

What’s the difference between Rally’s and Checkers?

Rally’s remains more popular in the Midwest and California, while Checkers is more common in the Southeast and Northeast;

Where is Checkers and Rally’s headquarters?

Checkers and Rally’s headquarters is in Tampa, Florida, United States.

Is Rally and Checkers the same thing?

Checkers acquired Rally’s in 1999, they both serve the same menu items and provide the same food provided by the same distributors.

How can I get a free burger from Checkers?

Sign up for the Checkers & Rally’s Rewards Loyalty app to receive a complimentary Classic Mother Cruncher or Big Buford. After you download the app and sign up, your coupon will be available for two weeks in the app.

How do I use my rewards in Checkers and Rally’s?

A guest will receive a $5 reward once they have 400 points, which is added automatically to their Rewards Wallet. Simply use the Checkers and Rally mobile app to check in to use the reward on your subsequent visit.

How do I become a Checkers & Rally’s rewards member?

You can sign up for the program in one of two ways: Create an account with Checkers & Rally’s mobile app or Go to and click “Sign Up.”

Will my Checkers and Rally’s dollars expire if I don’t use them right away?

All earned Checkers and Rally’s Rewards dollars expire after 60 days from the date they were issued. If you don’t use your Rewards dollars within that time frame, they will be lost.

What are the benefits of Checkers and Rally’s rewards?

For every dollar spent, guests will receive 5 points. A $5 reward is automatically added to a Rally’s and Checkers Rewards Wallet after they collect 400 points.

How much is the Baconzilla at Checkers?

Baconzilla at Checkers at Rally’s costs in between $5.19 to $8.19

How many coupons can I use at Rally’s and Checkers?

You can use multiple Rally’s and Checker Digital Coupon Rewards in the same transaction.

How do you get free fries at Rally’s?

Checkers and Rally’s have started a petition to make National Fry Day fall on a Friday every year. When you sign the petition, you will receive an instant downloadable coupon for free medium fries. You must sign up for the Checkers and Rally’s rewards program to use the coupon.

Do Rally rewards expire?

You can redeem Checkers and Rally’s Rewards dollars within 60 days of earning them. Any reward dollars not redeemed within that time frame will expire.

What kind of milkshakes does Checkers have?

Checkers or Rally’s classic milkshakes also come in vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate flavors, but the banana milkshake is unbeatable since no other fast food joint makes it so smooth and silky.

Are Checkers hot dogs beef?

Yes, they are. Checkers and Rally’s hot dogs are all-beef and grilled, just like Burger King’s.


We hope you found this Checkers and Rally’s FAQs helpful in understanding a little more about Menu, location, and timing. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us through our website or social media channels. We’re always happy to help!

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