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Checkers and Rally’s Special Menu – Burgers, Sandwiches & More!

If you’re looking for a great burger and fries, you’ll want to check out the Checkers and Rally’s menu. You can find everything from burgers and chicken sandwiches to milkshakes and fries. Plus, all of the prices are listed right on the website so you can plan your budget before heading over there. No need to guess how much something costs! So, whether you’re a longtime fan or just checking them out for the first time, make sure to check out their latest menu with prices. You won’t be disappointed!

Checkers and Rally’s

Checkers and Rally’s have been around since 1986 and 1985, respectively. The two companies merged in 1999 to form Checkers and Rally’s. The chain has 878 locations with a variety of daily happy customers. Most locations have carryout service with drive-thru windows and walk-up windows but no indoor dining; this facility is available only at some locations. These Checkers and Rally’s Menu is known for their burgers, hot dogs, hot wings, chicken, fish, french fries, soft drinks and shakes of different varieties—try their famous Big Buford Burger! Take a few minutes to complete the Checkers and Rally survey and help us build an even better experience. Your feedback matters, so let us know what you think and get a chance to win exciting rewards!

Checkers and Rally’s Menu

Checkers and Rally’s is an American fast food chain known for its burgers, combo meals, chicken, fry sides, family bundles and much more. Their French fries have been at the top of national rankings. Their fabulous smoky BBQ bacon Buford combo meal costs $16—and it’s worth every penny! This Checkers and Rally’s Menu contains beef-seasoned patties topped with swiss cheese, bacon slices and bits of bacon chunks garnished with smoky mayonnaise and bits of bacon chunks.

Checkers and Rally’s Combo Meals

Combo MealsSmallMediumLarge
Classic Mother Cruncher Combo$9.95$11.50$12.50
Spicy Chicken Sandwich$9.95$11.50$12.95
Cheese Champ$12.95$13.50$14.95
Big Buford$11.95$13.50$14.50
BBQ Bacon Mother Cruncher Combo$11.50$12.50$14.19
Chicken Bites Box Combo$6.95$8.50$9.99
Smoky BBQ Bacon Buford Combo$13.50$14.95$16.50
Deep-Sea Double$10.95$12.50$13.50
Half-Pound Chicken Bites$10.95$12.50$13.50
Chili Dog Combo$10.95$10.95$11.39
Garlic & Butter Buford Combo$5.99$10.94$11.39

Checkers & Rally’s Chicken Menu

Chicken Bites & Fries Box$5.29
Classic Mother Cruncher$6.39
Spicy Chicken Sandwich$7.39
Spicy Chicken Double$7.39
Bacon BBQ Mother Cruncher$7.79
Half-Pound Chicken Bites and Fries$9.99

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Checkers & Rally’s Burgers Menu

Cheese Champ$8.59
Big Buford$9.29
Smoky BBQ Bacon Buford$10.69

Checkers and Rally’s Menu @ Boneless Wings

5 Piece Boneless Wings$ 6.09
10 Piece Boneless Wings$ 12.09
20 Piece Boneless Wings$ 21.29

Checkers & Rally’s Hot Dogs Menu

Grilled Hot Dog$ 2.59
Chili Dog$ 5.39

Checkers and Rallys hotdog image

Checkers and Rally’s Fish Menu

Crispy Fish Sandwich$5.69
Deep-Sea Double$7.09

Checkers & Rally’s Fries And Sides

Small Famous Seasoned Fries$3.50
Medium Famous Seasoned Fries$3.95
Large Famous Seasoned Fries$4.95
4 Pc Fry-Seasoned Monsterella Stix$3.89
Fully Loaded Fries$6.69
Cheese Chili Cheese Fries®$6.69
Fry Lover’s XL Famous Seasoned Fries$7.50
6 Pc Fry-Seasoned Monsterella Stix$4.95

Checkers and Rally’s Sweet Side Menu

Funnel Cake Fries$3.59
Medium Classic Milkshakes$5.50
Large Classic Milkshakes$6.50
Small Classic Milkshakes$4.50
Cheesecake Sundae$4.95

Checkers & Rally’s Family Bundles & Extras Menu

BBQ Dip Cup$0.29
Ranch Dip Cup$0.79
Honey Mustard Dip Cup$0.29
Buffalo Dip Cup$0.29
Blue Cheese Dip Cup$0.79
Variety Family Bundle$22.29

Checkers and Rally’s Soft Drinks Menu

Soft DrinksSmallMediumLarge
Diet Coke$ 2.95$ 3.95$ 4.50
Coca-Cola$ 2.95$ 3.95$ 4.50
Mr. Pibb$ 2.95$ 3.95$ 4.50
Barq’s Root Beer$ 2.95$ 3.95$ 4.50
Sprite$ 2.95$ 3.95$ 4.50
Coca-Cola Cherry$ 2.95$ 3.95$ 4.50
Fanta Strawberry$ 2.95$3.95$ 4.50
Minute Maid Lemonade$ 2.95$ 3.95$ 4.50
Hi-C Flashin Fruit Punch$ 2.95$ 3.95$ 4.50
Gold Peak® Southern Style Sweet Tea$ 2.95$ 3.95$ 4.50

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are Checkers & Rally’s wings?

Checkers & Rally’s Classic wings and a spicy chicken sandwich large combo start at $5.69 and $5.99, respectively.

Do Checkers and Rally’s have a dollar menu?

You can purchase a small, medium, or large order of Checkers’ seasoned fries for just $1.

Do Checkers & Rally’s serve breakfast?

With the addition of the Sandwich to Checkers and Rally’s menu, Checkers is now offering breakfast to its customers. A chicken sandwich with BBQ sauce, lettuce, red onions, and a deep-fried chicken patty is one of many varieties of sandwiches available.

What is 4 for 3 at Checkers?

For $3, you can purchase fries, a small drink, crispy fish, and spicy chicken at Checkers & Rally’s. For $3 at Checkers & Rally’s, you will get 4 items, to put it simply.


If you’re looking for a quick and affordable meal, Checkers and Rally’s menu is a great option. With both fast food classics and more unique items on the menu, there’s something for everyone at this chain. And, with prices starting at just $1, it’s easy to find a cheap meal that will still fill you up. So next time you’re in the mood for some fast food, be sure to check out Checkers and Rally’s!

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