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Answers to Most Common Questions of Firehouse Subs!

If you’re a fan of Firehouse Subs, you’ll want to check out this post! We’ve compiled some of the most commonly asked Firehouse Subs FAQs, so you can enjoy your next visit even more. Whether you’re wondering about the menu or Firehouse Subs’ history, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for all the details!

Firehouse Subs Restaurants

Firehouse Subs is a popular American restaurant chain with 1 200 restaurants spread across 47 states and Canada, Puerto Rico. Founded by twins Robin and Chris Sorensen in 1994 in Jacksonville, Florida, Firehouse Subs has become well-known for its subs. In 2019, the company had total revenue of $695 million. The company is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, where it also operates its commissary & distribution center. It is owned by Restaurant Brands International. Let your voice be heard at Firehouse Subs – take their customer satisfaction survey and tell them about your most recent experience. Your feedback helps Firehouse Subs deliver an even better experience for everyone! Fill out the FireHouse Subs survey today for a chance to win free rewards.

Get all your questions answered about Firehouse Subs. Learn more about nutritional information, allergens, rewards like the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, and so much more. Explore Firehouse Subs FAQs today to get the answers you need!

Firehouse Subs FAQs

How many Firehouse Subs stores are there in the United States?

As of 2022, there are 1,192 Firehouse Subs locations in the United States. Florida has the most Firehouse Subs locations in the United States, with 175 stores, accounting for approximately 15% of all Firehouse Subs locations in the United States.

What Firehouse Sub has the most protein?

The calories in the Small Engineer sandwich on wheat are 350 and it has high amount of protein.

Do Firehouse Subs have any Gluten-free menu options?

While Firehouse Subs now has a gluten-free medium sub roll on their menu, they cannot guarantee an entirely gluten-free menu because other items in their restaurants do contain gluten.

What time do Firehouse Subs close?

Firehouse Subs restaurants closes by 9:00 PM everyday. However, timings may vary depending on the location of the restaurant.

How do I become a Firehouse Subs Rewards member?

To become a rewards member, download the free Firehouse Subs app or register on the Firehouse Subs website.

How to get Firehouse subs delivered?

Firehouse Subs will deliver their delicious sandwiches to your door through a partnership with

What time do Firehouse Subs open?

The Firehouse Subs opens every morning at 10:30 AM.

Can I purchase any of the hot sauces found in a Firehouse Subs restaurant?

The Firehouse Subs sells hot sauces, including their signature Captain Sorensen’s Datil Pepper Hot Sauce. And as a loyal customer, you’ll receive a 7% Firehouse Subs discount. Go to and look for the sauce you want to buy. Enter the following coupon code – FIREHOUSE07 – at the checkout.

Where are the nearest Firehouse Subs?

Use the official locator at to find a Firehouse Subs near you.

How to get Firehouse subs points?

Every time you buy a sub from Firehouse Subs, enter your phone number at the register. For every $0.01 spent, you will receive one point.

Does Firehouse Subs accept digital gift cards?

Firehouse Subs only accepts plastic gift cards. It does not accept gift cards that are digital or app-based. If you buy a Firehouse Subs gift card from someone other than Firehouse Subs, make sure you get a plastic card.

How do I get my free birthday sub from Firehouse Subs?

To receive your free medium sub, sign up for Firehouse Rewards before your birthday. The reward is only valid for the next 6 days.

Do firefighters get free Firehouse Subs?

With the purchase of a meal, firefighters receive a free drink. This restaurant also offers a 20% discount to heroes on regular priced lunch, dinner, or salad items.

Does Firehouse Subs sell gift cards?

Firehouse Subs is not liable for gift cards purchased from retailers other than those recommended by Firehouse Subs. They only sell physical, plastic gift cards in their restaurants, on their gift card website at ., and at a few national retailers

Are there any fees associated with Firehouse Subs gift cards?

Gift Cards do not have any fees associated with them. Only the face value of the Gift Card and shipping will be charged.

When does Firehouse Subs gift card expire?

Your Gift Card has no expiration date. We recommend redeeming it as soon as possible after receiving it to avoid forgetting.

How to get Firehouse Subs coupons?

Although the restaurant does not offer coupons on its website, you can purchase them from third-party websites.

How do I purchase a Firehouse Funds Gift Card?

If you want to give a Firehouse Funds gift card to someone, you can do so at any Firehouse Subs location. You can also buy online.


Thank you for reading our Firehouse Subs FAQs guide, We hope this is helpful and answered any questions you may have had about the company or its products. If not, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information or clarification.

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