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Try Something New This Week with Food Lion Menu Specials!

If you’re looking for a great deal on your favorite grocery items, be sure to check out the Food Lion weekly specials menu. You’ll find amazing discounts on everything from fresh produce to meat and dairy products. So whether you’re stocking up for the week or planning a special dinner, be sure to visit the weekly specials page at Food You won’t be disappointed!

Food Lion Grocery Store

Food Lion has over 110 supermarkets in the United States, employing over 88,000 people. The company’s headquarters and main warehouse are located in Salisbury, North Carolina. It is owned by the Dutch supermarket retail business Ahold Delhaize. Food Lion offers a variety of quality goods under categories that include dairy, health & beauty products, pharmacy items, fresh food, and more. The company has remained dedicated to its clients by providing accessibility and freshness at all times.

Food Lion Weekly Specials Menu

Food Lion is a supermarket chain that is known for its quality goods. The company offers a variety of goods under categories that include dairy, health & beauty products, pharmacy items, fresh food, and more. Food Lion has been providing clients with the best experience for a long time. It’s true that people are increasingly more health-conscious, but there are still many people that need grocery stores like Food Lion to supply them with their daily needs. The affordable prices and on-site pharmacy, in particular, make Food Lion a great place to shop!

Food Lion Specials – Meat

Hillshire Farm Smoked SausageMVP 2/ $6.0012-14 Oz. Pkg. – Select Varieties
Ball Park Meat FranksMVP $2.99 EA14-15 Oz. Pkg. Select Varieties
Perdue Ground ChickenMVP $3.29 EA16 Oz. Pkg.
Hormel PepperoniMVP $3.49 EA5-6 Oz. Pkg. – Select Varieties
Corky’s Bar-b-q Pork Ribs With Hawaiian Bbq SauceMVP $16.99 EA32 Oz. Fully Cooked and Sauced
Cubed SteakMVP $5.49 LB. Beef
73% Lean Fresh Ground Beef MVP $3.99 LB.MVP $3.99 LB.
Top Round London BroilMVP $5.99 LB. Beef

Food Lion Grocery Menu

Hass Avocados$0.99 EAIn Produce
Dr Pepper ProductsMVP 4/ $12.006 Pack 16-16.9 Oz. Bottles Select Varieties
Hellmann’s Real MayonnaiseMVP $3.49 EAW/ MFR. Discount Savings. 15 Oz. Select Varieties
Hunt’s Snack Pack Pudding or GelsMVP 4/ $5.0013 Oz. – 4 Pack Select Varieties
Land O’frost Premium LunchmeatMVP $4.99 EA16 Oz. Pkg. Select Varieties
Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Lunch MeatMVP $3.99 EA7-9 Oz. Pkg. – Select Varieties
Food Lion Twin Pack Cheese Slices$4.29 EA16 Oz
Jell-O Instant Pudding Mix or GelatinMVP 4/ $ Oz Select Varieties
Sara Lee Whole Grain Or Honey Wheat BreadMVP 2/ $6.0020 Oz

Food Lion Specials Dairy & Eggs

Chobani Flip or Greek YogurtMVP 5/ $ Oz Select Varieties
Parkay MargarineMVP 2/ $4.008-12Oz. Select Varieties Squeeze or Spray
SILK OATMILKMVP 2/ $6.00.64 Oz Select Varieties
Sargento Sliced CheeseMVP 2/ $6.005-8 Oz Select Varieties
International Delight CreamersMVP $3.49 EA32 Oz. Select Varieties
Nature’s Promise Organic TomatoesMVP $2.59 EA
Turkey Hill Iced TeaMVP 3/ $5.0064 Oz. Select Varieties
Food Lion Family Pack Chicken TenderloinsMVP $2.79. LB. Fresh
Yoplait Go-GurtMVP 2/ $5.00.8 Pack Select Varieties
Iceberg LettuceMVP $1.59 EA
Food Lion Avacado Ranch image

Bakery @ Food Lion

Panera Soups MVP $4.99 EA16 Oz. All Varieties
El Terrifico White Cheese Dip MVP $4.99 EA16 Oz. Pkg
Depalo Foods Tear N’ Share MVP $5.99 EA11.25 Oz
Food Lion Family Pack Chicken TenderloinsMVP $2.79 LB.Fresh
Nature’s Promise Organic Tomatoes MVP $2.59 EA
Dietz & Watson Kosher Pickles MVP $4.99 EA
Nature’s Promise Organic Avocados MVP $3.79 EA3 Ct. Bag
Jack’s Special Garden Fresh Salsa MVP $2.99 EA16 Oz. All Varieties

Beer Menu at Food Lion

Cheez-It Snap’d or Puff’dMVP $2.00 EAWhen you Buy Any 3. 5.75-7.5 Oz. Select Varieties
Kellogg’s Rice Krispies TreatsMVP $3.29 EAWhen you Buy Any 3. 10.9-12.4 Oz. Select Varieties
Kellogg’s Pop-TartsMVP $6.99 EAWhen you Buy Any 3. 32 Ct. Select Varieties
Lipton TeaMVP $5.49 EA12 Pack 16.9 Oz. Bottles Select Varieties
Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Or Frosted Mini Wheats Cereal.MVP $2.49 EAWhen you Buy Any 3. 14.3-18 Oz. Select Varieties
7-up Or Canada Dry ProductsMVP 2/ $3.002 Liter Select Varieties

Food Lion Health & Beauty

Barbasol or Pure Silk shaving creamAMVP $1.99 EA7 Oz. – Select Varieties
OGX Body WashMVP $5.99 EA.19.5 Oz. Select Varieties
Neutrogena TowelettesMVP $5.49 EA4 Pack Select Varieties
Batiste Dry ShampooMVP $7.99 EA4.23 Oz. Select Varieties
Muscle MilkMVP $7.49 EA4 Pack Select Varieties
QUEST BARSMVP $8.99 EA25 Ct. Select Varieties
Goody’s or BC PowderMVP $3.99 EA24 Ct. Select Varieties
Clean & Clear Scrub OR Facial CleanserMVP $5.49 EA.5-6.5 Oz Select Varieties
OGX Shampoo or ConditionerMVP $6.49 EA13-19.5 Oz. Select Varieties
Huggies Baby Wipes RefillMVP $5.79 EA168-192 Ct. Select Varieties

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Food Lion weekly specials?

You can find Food Lion specials every week by clicking on this link

How much does Food Lion to-go pickup cost?

If you place an order for Food Lion To-Go pickup over $35, it will only cost you $1.99, and if you place an order for less than $35, it will only cost you $3.99.

Does food Lion offer offers on MVP cards?

You receive a customized offer from Food Lion each month based on the goods you currently buy. With your MVP card, you will receive offers that are customized to your unique shopping preferences.

How long does the Food Lion circular last?

The Food Lion circular is not the same in every area, so make sure to check the circular exclusive to your local store. The latest Food Lion weekly ad would last for a week.


We hope you enjoyed our article about Food Lion Weekly Specials. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your shopping trip when you have the Food Lion weekly specials menu in hand. So what are you waiting for? Download the Food Lion menu today by visiting the website.

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