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Little Caesars Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for some delicious and affordable pizza? Look no further than Little Caesars. But with so many choices out there, you may have some questions about this popular chain. Check out our list of the most commonly asked Little Caesars FAQs below to get all the information you need before placing your order. We know you’ll love their pizza as much as we do!

About Little Caesars Pizza

Little Caesars is a pizza chain with over 5,463 locations throughout the United States. The company was founded in 1959, and has been growing steadily since then—it currently employs 15,697 people and operates on a consistent schedule with hours that change based on the store. However, you can expect to find the questions listed below at any Little Caesars near you.

Little Caesars FAQs

How many locations does Little Caesars have?

Little Caesars has over 4,000 locations worldwide.

Does Little Caesars deliver?

Yes, Little Caesars delivers pizza, wings, and other menu items to select locations. To see if delivery is available in your area, please enter your address on our website.

What is the newest Little Caesars pizza?

Little Caesars’ Old World Fanceroni Pepperoni Pizza is the newest featured pizza on the menu, with over 100 slices of old-world pepperoni. The crust is crisped with cheese to the edges, and covered from edge to edge with old-world pepperoni for a caramelized crunchy crust experience.

How many slices of pizza are in a large Little Caesars Pizza?

Little Caesars’ large pizza contains eight slices of pizza. However, if you’ve ever been to a Little Caesars, you’ll know that they only sell one size – a 14-inch premade pizza that you order.

What is on the Little Caesars menu?

The Little Caesars menu features a variety of pizzas, including the popular Crazy Bread.

What can you get for 5 dollars at Little Caesars?

Little Caesars has introduced a new large classic pepperoni meal deal for $9.99. Little Caesars is celebrating the release of their new and improved Hot-N-Ready Classic Pepperoni Pizza, which has 33% more pepperoni, by incorporating it into their new $9.99 Hot-N-Ready Large Classic Pepperoni Meal Deal.

How much does Little Caesars delivery cost?

The delivery minimum is $5.99. However, delivery charges may vary depending on location. To see delivery fees for your area, please enter your address on our website.

How do you get a free pizza from Little Caesars?

To be eligible for free pizza, fill out the Little Caesars Listens form. We had to pick up our carryout order twice because it was cold both times. We informed them politely, and they sent us a coupon for a free pizza.

What forms of payment does Little Caesars accept for delivery?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Can you customize Little Caesars pizza?

Using the Little Caesars mobile app, you can customize your pizza and pick it up at stores that have Pizza Portals. Pizza prices begin at $6 and rise from there. Topping prices will vary by location. According to the company, this is a permanent menu change that will be implemented across the country.

What is the history of Little Caesars?

Little Caesars was founded in 1959 by Mike and Marian Ilitch.

What time does Little Caesars open & close?

Little Caesars typically opens at 11:00 AM, Monday through Sunday. From Monday through Thursday, Little Caesars closes at 9 PM. The restaurant is open until 10 p.m. from Friday to Sunday. Little Caesar’s hours can be found by using their official store locator.

How to find a Little Caesars Pizza near me?

To find the restaurant’s location, go to their official website and scroll to the bottom of the page to Locations, then type in the city or postcode in the search box. You can also use Google Maps to find the nearest Little Caesars pizza location to you.

What state has the most Little Caesers pizza?

California has the most Little Caesars locations in the country, with 538 locations accounting for 12% of all Little Caesars locations.

Does Little Caesars have a reward program?

Little Caesars Pizza Party Proof is a group loyalty program that offers free pizza to participants. To receive a pizza party for up to 30 people, show proof of 200 pizza purchases.

Where can I buy a Little Caesars gift card?

To purchase a Little Caesars pizza gift card, go to the following link:

How to get free 2 topping pizza from the Little Caesars app?

Customers must enter the promo code FREE2L1 at checkout to receive a free 2-topping pizza. In some areas, a 2-litre soda can may cost no more than $2.

Where can I find nutritional information on Little Caesars menu?

To find Little Caesars menu nutritional information, visit:


That concludes our list of Little Caesars frequently asked questions. We hope you found this article useful and that it provided you with useful information. If you have any questions that were not addressed here, please leave a comment. Thank you for reading, as always!

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