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Spartannash Survey – Chance To Win $100 Gift Card

SpartanNash is giving a chance to its customers to win a $100 Gift Card if they only fill out a feedback form in return. It is an online survey that every customer of SpartanNash can enter. They have to answer a few questions related to their recent experience regarding the services and products of SpartanNash. The main objective of this survey is to understand the satisfaction level of customers and, by analyzing this information, improve the services for a better customer service experience. But it was not only concerned with getting responses from customers but also rewards them with grand prices for their valuable effort.

About SpartanNash Store

SpartanNash started its journey as a grocery company in 1917 with the name ‘The Grand Rapids Wholesale Grocery Company. Initially, it started as a cooperative, but soon it started rolling out its supplies and products in the 1970s. Over the years, it took over many renowned companies and continued to profit from its purchases. In 2013, it merged with the Nash Finch company and started operating as SpartanNash. It has its stores opened in North Dakota, South Dakota, etc.

Now it has become a giant grocery store and distributor with its headquarters in Michigan. It mainly exports grocery supplies to 44 states, and currently, its stores are operating in 142 corporate retail stores over Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. However, it has its independent stores in the U.S., providing good quality groceries to every household. SpartanNash also sends its products to military missionaries, local grocery stores and other chains. Survey Overview

Store NameSpartanNash
Survey Type (Online/Offline)Online, Mail
Survey URL or
Rewards$100 Gift Card
Receipt Validity Period7 days
Survey Limit (How many surveys one can take per receipt)1/receipt
Time to Complete the Survey7-10 Minutes

Rules for SpartanNash Guest Experience Survey

  • Only the legal residents of America can enter the survey.
  • At the time of the survey, the participant must be of 18 years of age.
  • One cannot take the survey in Florida, Rhode Island and wherever it is restricted by law.
  • You need not make any purchases to participate in the SpartanNash guest experience survey.
  • Only one person per receipt is not eligible to take part.
  • After you receive the receipt, you only have seven days to complete the survey.
  • Only a person from a household can enter the sweepstake for over a month.
  • Winners will be responsible for all the taxes of the state.

Requirements of SpartanNash Guest Survey

  • Participants need to have a good knowledge of English or Spanish.
  • A working internet connection and a laptop or computer are necessary.
  • Valid sales receipt is necessary to take the SpartanNash guest survey.

What are the Rewards for SpartanNash Customer Survey?

Once you finish the survey, participants will automatically enter the SpartanNash Sweepstakes. The grand prize for winning this sweepstakes contest is a $100 Gift Card. The most important part of this SpartanNash customer survey is that you don’t need to purchase to enter the survey & sweepstakes. However, you cannot refund the winning prize, and you are solely responsible for the taxes. You cannot also transfer the prize to anybody else. Only the sweepstakes sponsor can alter the prize if the advertised prize is unavailable. People should also note that prizes cannot be exchanged for money. Every month, you will do a random drawing, and a winner will be selected. Email or telephone will notify all the winners’ call.

How to Participate in the Spartannash Stores Survey?

Participants can easily enter the SpartanNash Guest Satisfaction Survey by following these few steps :

  • All the willing participants need to head to the Official Website of SpartanNash at
  • A new webpage will open with a welcome message from the store for your effort, and then you have to fill in a few details regarding your last visit to the store. The survey code needs to be entered in the empty box. You can take help from the receipt.
  • Click the ‘Start’ button to begin the SpartanNash stores survey.
  • Now, officially, the survey has started. Questions will appear on your screen one by one.
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  • You need to enter the store number, time and date of the store visit.
  • Rate your general satisfaction level with it’s services and products based on your last visit to the store on a five-point scale.
  • They will relate Questions to SpartanNash’s various offered services like products, staff members’ behaviour, administration, hygiene, pricing, etc. Be honest with your response.
  • As soon as you finish the survey, you will immediately enter the SpartanNash Sweepstakes. It will notify the winners of the contest via mail or call.

How to Join My Grocery Survey Sweepstakes?

You can enter my grocery survey sweepstakes without making a purchase, which means free. For this, you need a 3” x 5” piece of paper and fill it with your full name, complete residence address, zip code, telephone number, and area code. Then, you have to mail it to this address- The SpartanNash Guest Experience Grocery Giveaway- c/o The Feedback Group, P.O. Box 776, East Northport, NY 11731.

SpartaNnash Feedback Survey Questions

Here are the few SpartanNash feedback survey questions

  • How did you come to know about SpartanNash Store?
  • What items do you specifically seek to purchase at SpartanNash Store?
  • How was your experience with the staff members at SpartanNash Store?
  • How frequently do you visit SpartanNash Store?
  • What do you like about SpartanNash Store?
  • How long have you been a customer of SpartanNash Store?

SpartanNash Customer Service Details

  • Phone Number: (800) 451-8500
  • Fax Number: (616) 878-2243
  • Mailing Address:
  • Headquarters Address: Byron Center, Michigan, United States
  • Website:

SpartanNash Hours of Operation

SpartanNash stores usually open at 10 AM and cease its operation around 09 PM every day. However, the working hours may be different based on locations. But it is almost the same over most of the locations. But they advise it to check with the store first and then visit the location.

  • Working Hours: 10 AM- 9 PM
  • Support Hours: 24×7

How to Find SpartanNash Stores Near Me?

To make your journey easier, SpartanNash has given a list of locations of its outlets in the U.S. on its official website. So before you go to the nearest SpartanNash store locations, visit their official website and click on the ‘Retail’ dropdown menu and select ‘Our Retail Banners’ from there. Then you will see two options through which you can access all the locations- ‘By State’ and ‘By banner. If you click on the state option, you will get a detailed address of the locations in every state. You can also click on this link to access the list of locations’ addresses-

SpartaNash FAQ’s

How many stores do SpartanNash have?

SpartanNash has more than 148 stores in 9 states of America.

Where is SpartanNash located?

SpartanNash headquarters are located in Byron Center, Michigan. Other store locations are operated by them and they were located in Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Who is the CEO of SpartanNash Company?

Tony Sarsam is the CEO of SpartanNash company now.

What are rewards for taking part in

If you participate in the SpartanNash survey, you can win a $100 SpartanNash Gift Card.

Why is my grocery feedback page not working for me?

There can be several reasons for which the feedback page isn’t working like an internet problem, server failure. You can use this link to access the survey site-

Who owns SpartanNash?

SpartanNash is jointly owned by Nash Finch Company and Spartan Stores.


SpartanNash Stores are located all over the place in the U.S. If you are a regular shopper or planning to shop at their stores soon, consider submitting the feedback forms at their official website. Here, you stand a chance to win a $100 SpartanNash Gift Card for your active participation in the survey. But before heading towards the survey, they must well verse you with all the rules and requirements of the SpartanNash survey. Otherwise, it may lead to the cancellation of your participation. Take the help of this article and complete the survey successfully to claim the survey reward.

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