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Frequently Asked Questions about Orscheln Farm and Home FAQs

We get asked a lot of questions here at Orscheln Farm and Home, and so we’ve decided to create this Orscheln Farm and Home FAQs page in order to answer some of them! We know that sometimes you just don’t want to search through the archives for old posts, or you just want answers as quickly as possible. With this new page, you can find your answers faster than ever before! Here are some common questions from customers about Orscheln Farm and Home

About Orscheln Farm & Home

Orscheln Farm & Home is a retail chain of farm and ranch supply stores that first opened in 1960. The company has grown significantly over the past 62 years, now with over 180 stores across 11 states in the USA. Orscheln Farm & Home is headquartered in Moberly, Missouri, USA and employs over 3500 people. Its substantial revenue comes from automotive parts, accessories, apparel, farm and ranch supplies, housewares, hunting equipment, garden supplies and livestock tools. Besides its store locations, the company also conducts customer feedback surveys called TellOFH. Click on the link to know more about the survey.

Orscheln Farm and Home FAQs

How to find Orscheln Farm & Home near me?

You can find the nearest Orscheln Farm & Home using this store locator https://stores.orschelnfarmhome.com/

What time does Orscheln Farm and Home close?

The stores close at 8 PM from Monday to Saturday and on Sundays, it closes earlier at 6 PM.

Is Orscheln Farm and Home a franchise?

No, Orscheln Farm and Home is a privately held family business.

What is Orscheln Grow Rewards?

Grow Rewards, also known as “the Program,” is a loyalty program that Orscheln Farm and Home LLC offers to its customers. It can only be used in conjunction with in-store purchases.

How to check Orscheln gift card balance?

You can check Orscheln gift card balance through the following link https://www.orschelnfarmhome.com/gift-product.html

What is Orscheln Farm & Home return policy?

Please contact customer service at (800) 577-2580 or fhcustomerservice@orscheln.com within a year if you are dissatisfied with your online purchase.

Does Orscheln have a military discount?

Yes, Orscheln provides 5% off on Tuesdays for active-duty and veteran military personnel.

Is Orscheln Farm & Home only in Missouri?

The Orscheln family owns and operates 165 stores in eleven states: Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Texas, and Ohio.

Does Orscheln Farm and Home offer free returns?

Yes, Orscheln Farm and Home accepts free returns and exchanges.

Does Tractor Supply own Orscheln Farm and Home?

Tractor Supply Company has announced the acquisition of Missouri-based Orscheln Farm and Home stores for $297 million in an all-cash transaction affecting 167 stores in 11 states, including Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

Does Orscheln’s price match?

All prices on the Orscheln website are quoted in US dollars and are only valid and effective within the continental United States. Prices are not assured to be matched at the purchase time and may differ between Orscheln stores and the Orscheln website.

Who owns Orscheln Farm & Home?

The parent organizations of Orscheln Farm & Home are Tractor Supply company and Orscheln group.

Where are the headquarters of Orscheln?

Orscheln Farm & Home headquarters is in Moberly, Missouri, United States.

Where did Orscheln Farm and Home Start?

W.C. Orscheln established his first farm and home store in Sedalia, Missouri, in 1960.

What does an Orschelns grow card do?

Scan your Grow card every time you make a purchase to receive coupons and special discounts.


We hope this blog has cleared up some of the questions you had about Orscheln Farm and Home. If you have any other questions, please contact us anytime. Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!

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