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Questions and Answers About Popeyes!

Are you curious about the latest menu items at Popeyes? Wondering what the hours of operation are? Or maybe you have a question about a franchise opportunity with the company. This post will answer Popeyes FAQs. So, whether you’re a customer or an individual interested in franchising with Popeyes, keep reading for answers to your questions!

The Popeyes Louisiana Restaurants

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is an American multinational chain of fried chicken fast-food restaurants that was founded in 1972. Popeyes has 3,451 restaurants which are in 46 states and employs 2,130 people. It provides dishes in mild and spicy flavors and also serves seafood. The Popeyes chain is best known for its fried chicken. Every piece of their chicken is freshly hand-battered, breaded, and fried to perfection. Find quick answers to your most pressing questions, take part in the Popeyes survey, and join the conversation surrounding their menu items. Get instant access to a trove of information from Popeyes’ knowledgeable team that’s updated regularly.

Popeyes FAQs

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is a popular chain of fast food restaurants specializing in fried chicken. Popeyes is known for its signature dishes like the Bonafide Chicken, Chicken Waffle Tenders, and the Butterfly Shrimp. People often have questions about Popeyes and its menu items. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Popeyes:

What is the Bonafide Chicken?

The Bonafide Chicken is a fried chicken dish that is the signature item on the Popeyes menu. The chicken is marinated in a blend of spices and then coated in a seasoned flour before being fried to perfection.

How Popeyes got its name?

Alvin C. Copeland Sr. opens “Chicken on the Run” in New Orleans’ Arabi neighborhood, serving traditional Southern fried chicken. After several months of poor performance, he reopens the restaurant as “Popeyes.”

What are Butterfly Shrimp?

Butterfly Shrimp are shrimp that have been coated in a light batter and fried. Popeyes are served with cocktail sauce or a dipping sauce of your choice.

Where can I find the Nutritional Information for Popeyes products?

For more information on nutritional information in Popeyes products, please visit popeyes.com/nutritional-information.

What are Chicken Waffle Tenders?

Chicken Waffle Tenders are a popular menu item at Popeyes. They are chicken strips that are coated in a waffle batter and then fried. They are served with a honey mustard sauce or a dipping sauce of your choice.

When and where was Popeyes founded?

Al Copeland, Sr. opened the first Popeyes location in the New Orleans suburb of Arabi in 1972. Popeyes distinguished itself with their distinctive New Orleans-style menu, which included spicy chicken, chicken tenders, fried shrimp, and other regional items. Popeyes has grown to become one of the world’s largest quick-service restaurant chicken concepts in the United States and around the world, thanks to their passion for Louisiana heritage and flavorful authentic food.

Does Popeyes charge a delivery fee?

The Popeyes delivery fee on orders will be based on the distance from the nearest restaurant. If the restaurant is less than 6 miles away, the delivery fee will be $3.99. If it is more than 6 miles away, the delivery fee will be $6.64. If your order is $9.99 or less, a small cart fee of $2.50 will apply to the delivery.

What are Popeyes Happy hours?

You’re probably wondering if Popeyes offers Happy Hour to their customers. You’ll be glad to know that Popeyes offers happy hours every day from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., during which they offer half-price menu items.

What is the $5 box at Popeyes?

For $5, you can get three handcrafted tenders or two pieces of Bonafide chicken.

What time does Popeyes close?

Popeyes closes at 12:00 AM from Monday to Sunday. Certain franchises may close at various times, so confirm with your local restaurant.

How much is a Popeyes chicken sandwich?

The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich costs approximately $3.99. If you order the sandwich as part of a combo meal with a side, biscuit, and drink, it will cost you around $8.00. Prices, however, may vary depending on location.

What is Popeyes $20 meal deal?

Popeyes two $20 meal deals available: the 10 Piece Family Meal and the 14 Tenders Family Meal. Each meal includes two large sides and five biscuits.

Does Popeye’s have a senior discount?

Popeyes offers a 10% senior discount to customers over the age of 55. You can also get a complimentary drink.

How do I get free Popeyes?

When you order a Family Meal at Popeyes, you will receive a free large side. When you download the restaurant’s mobile app, you can also get free Popeyes.

How many Popeyes locations are there?

As of 2022, there are 2,861 Popeyes locations in the United States. Texas has the most Popeyes locations in the United States, with 398 locations, accounting for approximately 14% of all Popeyes locations in the United States.

What time does Popeyes open?

Monday through Sunday, Popeyes opens at 10:00 AM. Depending on the location of the restaurant, timings may vary. You can check online to confirm their opening hours in your area or contact them directly.

Is Popeye’s Chicken Fresh Or Frozen?

Popeye’s chicken is never frozen and is always fresh, but the chicken tenders are cooked from frozen state.

What are Popeyes breakfast hours?

Popeyes only serve breakfast menu items between the hours of 6:30 AM and 10:30 AM. The breakfast menu is not available all day at Popeyes.

Where is Popeyes near me?

Using this Popeyes store locator https://locations.popeyes.com/, you can find your nearest Popeyes.

Does Popeyes have a rewards program?

Yes. You can earn Popeyes Points by ordering through the Popeyes app or paying in-person. You will receive one point for every dollar spent.

How do I participate in Popeyes rewards program?

You must have a valid Popeyes digital account to participate in the Program. You can create an Account by doing one of the following:
-Download and register on the Popeyes App using your smart phone
-Go to popeyes.com and click “Sign Up.”
When you register an Account on the App or Website, you will automatically be enrolled as a member of the Program.

Do Popeyes Rewards points expire?

You can use the Popeye’s points you earn on your next order or save them for a future order because they never expire.

Are Popeyes fries vegan?

Everything at Popeyes, including the Cajun Fries, is fried in beef tallow. So, no, their fries or hash browns do not qualify as vegan.

How do you redeem points at Popeyes?

Popeyes rewards will be listed under Rewards in the left panel. When you click on ‘Use’ to activate your rewards, they will be valid for use until the stated expiration date shown in the terms and conditions.

How to get Popeyes gift cards?

Popeyes Gift Cards can be purchased at any Popeyes Restaurant or select retailers across the United States, or online at https://www.popeyes.com/gift-cards.

How to check Popeyes gift card balance?

Call 888-999-2117 to check your Popeyes gift card balance.


We hope that this guide has answered some of the most commonly asked questions about Popeyes. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is more than happy to help you get the information you need. Thanks for reading!

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