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Frequently Asked Questions About Rite Aid

If you’re a Rite Aid customer, you may have some questions about the store’s policies and procedures. In this blog post, we’ll answer some of the most common Rite Aid FAQs that customers ask. We hope that this information will help make your shopping experience at Rite Aid more enjoyable. Thank you for choosing Rite Aid!

About Ride Aid Store

Rite Aid is a leading pharmacy chain that provides quality services to the citizens of the United States. It began its operations in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania in 1962, and expanded across states ten years later with 269 stores. At Rite Aid, they have a personal interest in your health and wellness. That is why they provide their valued customers with the products and services they require living healthier and happier lives. Everyone at Rite Aid works together to offer you a better pharmacy experience from experienced caring pharmacists to board members who are committed to providing you with excellent service every time you go there.

Got Rite Aid FAQs? We’ve Got the Answers!

When is Rite Aid pharmacy hours?

Right Aid pharmacy hours starts at 8 AM and remains open till 10 PM. However, the timings may vary depending upon the location.

Are Rite Aid and Walgreens the same?

Walgreens agreed to pay $4.4 billion for more than 1,900 Rite Aid stores and three distribution centers, reducing Rite Aid to a much smaller chain operating in eight states.

How to find Rite Aid near me?

You can find your nearest Rite Aid using this locator https://www.riteaid.com/locations/search.html

How can I sign up for Rite Aid rewards?

You can sign up for Rite Aid Rewards online at RiteAid.com, via the Rite Aid app, or in-store at a participating Rite Aid location. Customers who sign up in-store can submit their phone numbers right away to start earning Points.

What is Rite Aid rewards 65+ ?

Rite Aid Rewards 65+ (formerly wellness65+ program) is a program that provides exclusive offers to members 65 and older.

How can I stop receiving text messages from Rite Aid?

You can opt out of receiving Rite Aid text messages by texting STOP to 728398.

What are BonusCash rewards and how are they earned?

BonusCash is a Rite Aid Rewards coupon that can be applied to future eligible purchases. You can earn BonusCash in two ways. Earn points that can be exchanged for BonusCash and Buy promoted products to earn BonusCash.

How can I check to see if my Rite Aid prescription is ready?

Please get in touch with your local Rite Aid pharmacy to find out if your prescription is ready to be picked up.

Does Rite Aid pharmacy deliver prescriptions?

Although not all stores do it, some do. Use the Rite Aid store locator at the top of the page to look up locations and available services.

How do I earn Rite Aid points?

As a Rite Aid Rewards member, you can earn points on eligible* Rite Aid purchases. For In-store and online purchases you can earn 10 points per $1 spent on qualifying purchases.

What is Rite Aid return policy?

You may return unused merchandise within 90 days of the original shipped date for a prompt refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase

Does Rite Aid accept FSA or HSA cards?

You can use your FSA or HSA card at a Rite Aid near you both online and in-store!

What happened to my money if I don’t use all my FSA funds?

Any unused FSA funds will go back to your employer if they are not used for eligible medical expenses during your benefit plan year.


If you have any other questions about Rite Aid or about Rite Aid’s services, please feel free to visit their Rite Aid FAQs page. If you have any questions or concerns about this blog, please contact us anytime. Thank you for reading and we look forward to our next post!

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