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Savers Thrift Store Hours of Operations | What You Need to Know?

Are you looking for a place to save money? Look no further than Savers hours! Savers is a discount store that offers amazing clothing, furniture, and more deals. Plus, Saver’s hours are flexible, so you can shop when it’s convenient for you. Check out the latest Savers Hours regularly, weekend, and holiday hours of operation.

About Savers

Savers, a privately owned thrift store based in Bellevue, Washington, operates out of more than 315 locations throughout the United States, Canada and Australia. It receives its supplies directly from donors who also pay non-profit organizations for donated furniture, clothing and other household items. Members of Savers choose the best products and sell them at cost; They recycle any unsold goods into new products. The best part about this chain of thrift stores is that you can get high-quality goods for low costs. Also, it conducts Savers Listens Survey to collect customer feedback and offers a $2 off coupon code as a reward.

Savers Hours of Operation

Savers Thrift Store is usually open from mid-morning until late-night, depending on patron needs. Find out when Savers is open and closed by reading the following information. You will plan your next visit once you are aware of the Opening and Closing timings of Savers on Regular Days and weekends.

Savers Thrift Store Weekday Hours

You may find out about Savers’ open and close times on weekdays from Monday through Friday from the information provided on the website. The hours for the majority of Savers stores are as follows. Occasionally, there may be a small leeway in these hours if it is necessary to operate. Before visiting a Savers outlet, you don’t have to contact customer support.

Savers Hours TodaySavers Opening HoursSavers Thrift Store Closing Hours
Monday9 am9 pm
Tuesday9 am9 pm
Wednesday9 am9 pm
Thursday9 am9 pm
Friday9 am9 pm

Savers Thrift Store Weekend Hours

Savers Thrift Store is open on both Saturdays and Sundays to meet the needs of its customers. The majority of Savers locations normally operate with lower hours on Sundays. In reality, retailers are staying open later and shutting sooner than usual. Find out when the Saver opens and closes on weekends and plan appropriately.

Saturday9 am9 pm
Sunday10 am7 pm
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Savers Thrift Store Holiday Hours

Savers frequently open during the holidays, and most often it closes on those same days. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the holidays on which Savers are open and closed to make your search easier. In actuality, rather than closing their doors totally during the Special Events, the majority of venues restrict their hours of operation. Look over our list and adjust your travel schedule accordingly.

HolidayOpening HoursClosing Hours
Valentine’s Day9 am9 pm
New Year’s Day9 am9 pm
Martin Luther King Day9 am9 pm
St. Patrick’s Day9 am9 pm
Good Friday9 am9 pm
Presidents’ Day9 am9 pm
Independence Day9 am9 pm
Mother’s Day9 am9 pm
Memorial Day9 am9 pm
Halloween9 am9 pm
Columbus Day9 am9 pm
Labor Day9 am9 pm
Father’s Day9 am9 pm
Christmas Eve9 am9 pm
Day After Christmas9 am9 pm
Christmas DayClosedClosed
Day Before Thanksgiving9 am9 pm
New Year’s Eve9 am9 pm
Veterans Day9 am9 pm


What is the closing time for Savers Thrift Store?

It shuts at 9:00 p.m. on weekdays and 2:00 p.m. on weekends.

What are the Thanksgiving hours at Savers?

On Thanksgiving Day, Savers will be closed. On that day, the store will be open for fewer hours than normal.

What are the Savers’s Christmas Day Hours?

The majority of Savers outlets will be closed on Christmas Day. There will be no hourly schedule because the bulk of their stores will be closed on Christmas Day.


Savers are open every day of the year except for Christmas Day. The store typically opens at 9am and closes at 9pm Monday through Saturday, and at 7pm on Sundays. Please be sure to check your local stores hours before heading out, as they may vary. Or you can also visit savers thrift store official website. We hope you have found this information helpful and that it has answered any questions you may have had about Savers’ hours of operation. Thank you for reading!

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