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Sonic Drive In Frequently Asked Question & Answers

Do you love sonic? Do you have questions about sonic? Look no further because we’ve got all the sonic FAQs answered. So whether you’re a long-time fan or just considering giving sonic a try, read on for all the info you need. In this Sonic FAQs post, we’ll cover topics such as prices, food items, and drink options. Plus, we’ve included some fun facts about our favourite drive-in restaurant chain. Enjoy!

About Sonic Drive In

In the 1950s, the Smith family and their friends bought Top Hat Drive-In in Shawnee, Oklahoma, and changed the hamburger fast food establishment into a drive-through burger joint. After buying the hamburger chain, Smith immediately made modifications. Top Hat Hamburgers & Chili moved to South Oklahoma City, offering both dine-in and takeout services, after switching from a vegetarian to a standard American menu and renaming themselves. Sonic Drive-In is moving in the opposite direction. Let’s clear all your doubts with this complete Sonic FAQs about Menu, Locations and hours of operation, and how to take part in Sonic Drive in Survey.

Sonic FAQs

Who is the founder of Sonic Drive-In?

In 1953, Troy N. Smith Sr. established Top Hat Drive-In as a walk-up root beer stand outside a log cabin steakhouse that sold soda, hamburgers, and hotdogs. Sonic has 3,552 locations in the United States.

How old is the sonic drive in?

sonic drive was about 69 years old when he was old.

What states are Sonic not in?

Most Americans may access some of the fast food offered by the Sonic restaurant business because it has locations in practically every state. However, Sonic does not have any locations in Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, or New Hampshire because of their small size.

Who started Sonic Drive-In?

American entrepreneur Troy Nuel Smith, Sr. established Sonic Drive-In, a fast-food restaurant company based in Oklahoma City that aims to capture the atmosphere of a 1950s drive-in diner.

Can I get a refund from Sonic?

No. We transmit the order to the kitchen, and the food is ready. Sonic Order cancellation and refund requests are no longer possible.

Do you have to pay with a card on the Sonic app?

Unfortunately, you cannot buy with multiple Sonic gift cards or combine a gift card with Apple Pay. They do support Apple Pay and likely other mobile payment methods.

How many Sonic Drive-In locations are there?

There are 3,554 places with sonic drives.

Why did Sonic go out of business?

The business pointed out that Sonic’s own high seasonality can lead to cash flow issues during the colder months. As a result, according to bankruptcy filings, SD Holdings started speaking with a bidder for its Sonic stores.

Why is some Sonic Drive Ins blue?

Sonic paid attention to what its consumers liked, then studied them to find out what they actually wanted. Double-delta symbols and car culture were among the elements that influenced Sonic’s customers’ identities.

How can I email Sonic?

You can also ask for an SMS by sending an email to Check the Sonic website to know the contact details.

Do Sonic Promo Codes expire?

Promo codes never work. The Sonic Promo Codes’ expiration dates will be included in marketing messages sent to visitors (by email, SMS, push notifications, etc.).

Does SONIC charge any additional fees to use Apple Pay to pay for an order?

No. Sonic does not charge any additional fees to use apple pay to pay for any order.

Is using Apple Pay secure on the SONIC app?

Yes. Apple Pay is an extremely safe way to make purchases at Sonic. Your smartphone or Apple neither transmits your actual credit card number to the app.


We hope this Sonic FAQs guide has helped answer some of your questions about Sonic. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help. Thanks for reading Sonic FAQs!

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