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www.HEB.com/survey – Amazing Chance to Win $100 Gift Card!

Buying groceries can now be fun. Kids and housewives may sometimes enjoy it, but it can become a boring routine for some. Now onwards, it won’t be the case, as H-E-B grocery stores are giving away fabulous prizes for just forwarding your views to the stores about your experience visiting or purchasing with them. By filling out a simple survey online at www.heb.com/survey, you stand a chance to be one of the 720 lucky winners of $100 Gift Cards at HEB stores. Also, you can participate without any prior purchase, so stunning, isn’t it?

About H-E-B store

HEB is a famous grocery store chain in Texas and Mexico cities. It is by far the No. 1 grocery store line in the USA. It was founded by Florence Butt and started as a single store in Kernville in the Texas hill country. It has expanded throughout Texas and Mexico to about 420 stores and 1,45,000 partners. It has grown to this feat of its exceptional service, low prices, and friendly shopping, which has been a continuum to date. Its current annual revenue is a remarkable $34 billion.

HEB is known for its donatory spirit as it donates 5% of its revenue to organizations working for hunger relief, educational aspects, the health sector, environmental sustainability, and diversity initiatives. Apart from all sorts of grocery availability, HEB has also started various voluntary and semi-voluntary programs like educational initiatives, DFW expansion updates, and support for personnel in the U.S. Army.

Details of Heb.com/Survey in Short

Survey NameHEB Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey URLwww.heb.com/survey
Entry Limitone per receipt per day
LanguagesEnglish or Spanish
Methods to Participate online survey or Mail
Receipt Validity Period30 Days
Offer LimitOne free item per receipt
Rewards$100 HEB Gift Card

Participation Rules for HEB Survey

To participate in the HEB survey, you should be

  • Aged above 18 years to take part in www.heb.com/survey.
  • A legal resident of Texas.
  • Ability to understand English or Spanish to take HEB receipt survey.
  • Not an employee, representative, or principal (or direct family members of the same) of HEB Grocery Company LP (“H-E-B”) participating franchisees of H-E-B stores, Empathica Inc., or any of their subsidiaries, affiliates, advertising or promotional agencies HEB
  • One person is awarded only once every quarter, i.e., once in three months.
  • The entry is restricted to one unique name, email id, phone number, and address per day.
  • The rewards can’t be used for purchasing tobacco and alcohol products.

What Do You Need for HEB Receipt Survey?

  • A Computer/laptop/smartphone with a speedy internet connection.
  • A working and accessible email ID to receive the Coupon / Gift card.
  • A working phone number to contact if you win www.heb.com/survey.
  • Readiness to shop at Marco’s within 30 days of using HEB coupon code.
  • A pen, paper, and postal stamp for applying through the mail.
  • Your legal documents of residence and Identity are at hand.

HEB Rewards

A stunning total of $72,000 prizes are given www.heb.com/survey for 10 entries per month per HEB market region in Texas, namely San Antonio/West, Border, Central, Gulf Coast, Houston, and North West. It takes the total to around 60 lucky winners per month. The offer is valid from May 2021 to May 2022. So, there will be 720 fortunate winners of $100 HEB rewards cards.

These Gift cards or HEB points rewards can be used to buy anything from the HEB grocery store or participating stores following HEB survey rules. It can’t be transferred to another person or substituted by another offer or product and can’t be redeemed for cash. The gift card may be modified according to the company’s terms and conditions. It may also be subject to dormancy or expiration date.

How to Take Part in www.HEB.com/Survey?

There is no need whatsoever for purchase at the HEB store. All candidates fulfilling the eligibility criteria can apply with or without even visiting the HEB store.

If you have purchased anything from the HEB store

  • Have the receipt of your HEB Store purchase handy
  • Log on to the HEB survey website at www.heb.com/survey for the customer feedback survey.
  • Select the language either English or Spanish.
Heb survey image
  • Now, enter the invitation code printed on the receipt.
Heb receipt survey image
  • The survey questions will appear on a new page. Select the appropriate alternative and fill the descriptive boxes with the needed details.
  • Towards the end fill in your required details and submit the www.heb.com/survey.
  • Wait for the draw results to come.

HEB Survey Sweepstakes

If you haven’t purchased anything or haven’t even visited the HEB store still you can enter the sweepstakes

Participation without purchase is quite simple.

Through Telephone

  • Have the receipt of your HEB Store purchase handy
  • Dial the phone number on the receipt (bearing the invitation code)

Through Mail

  • Take a plain piece of paper and write down your Name, Age, Address, Contact number, E-mail ID, and the sentence “Please enter me in the H-E-B Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes for a chance to win great prizes”
  • Put it in a professional envelope and seal it.

Mail this to
H-E-B Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes Mail-In Entry
511 Avenue of the Americas, #40
New York, NY 10011

  • Remember, making a purchase doesn’t increase your chances of winning

What If You Win HEB Survey?

  • If you are one of the lucky people, you will be notified via telephone or email within 10 days of the drawing.
  • After receiving the call, you should confirm your identity and accept the award.
  • Then you must send a duly signed affidavit of eligibility and publicity/liability release.
  • After receiving this affidavit, within 2 to 4 weeks, your Gift Coupon will reach your destination.
  • However, suppose the company does not receive the affidavit within 14 days of telephone/email notification. In that case, the winner is thus disqualified for that period, and another candidate is chosen based on drawings.

HEB Feedback Survey Questions

HEB survey consists of multiple questions to be rated on a scale of 1 to 10. Here 1 being least satisfied and 9 being most pleased with the respective service/product.

Examples of a few questions asked in www.heb.com/survey are –

  • How satisfied were you with your overall experience at the HEB store?
  • How satisfied were you with the Healthy Living Section?
  • A detailed note on ways to improve the Healthy Living Section?
  • How satisfied were you with your overall experience at the Business Centre?
  • How often do you visit the business center? Select the frequency mentioned
  • Where else do you go shopping for groceries besides the Business center?
  • Suggestions to improve the shopping experience
  • Would you like to be contacted by an HEB sales representative for new offers?
  • Would you like to be contacted by the HEB team for research?

You will have to enter your details like Name, Age, Email ID, Contact number, etc. Also, you will be asked questions like annual household income from a research point of view. It’s up to you to answer or select prefer not to say. And last but not the least, don’t forget to choose the ‘yes’ option for the question Do you want to participate in the sweepstakes?

For questions needing descriptive answers, mention them in a bit of detail, which enhances the solidity of your answers
Your answers are highly respected and considered for the customer relations development of the HEB store.

Contact Details of HEB Store

  • Founder: Florence Butt
  • Corporate Officials: Charles Butt, Martin Otto
  • Head Office Address: 646 S Flores St, San Antonio, TX 78204.
  • Phone Number: 1-866-432-4318
  • Customer Care Number: 1-800-432-3113
  • Website: https://www.heb.com/

HEB Hours of Service

Work Timings: Monday to Sunday – 6 AM to 8 PM

The timing mentioned above is in the normal range. It, however, varies from store to store. HEB makes it easy and comfortable for most public to reach out by keeping the timings over a wide range. The store is open for about 16 to17 hours a day, making it very simple for even the working class to come and shop. The workers work shifts during the day and have their weekly rotational leaves. It is highly pleasing to see dedicated work by the HEB team, which may inspire many more to earn good revenue from their businesses.

Where is HEB Near Me?

HEB has spread out in Texas city with its 6 official stores in the parts of San Antonio/West, Border, Central, Gulf Coast, Houston, and North West. Apart from this, there are many franchisees and outlets promoting this survey offer. That makes it a lot of places across the area. It can sometimes be jumbling to physically find a store near you or search for the phone number to get the nearest location. So, here you can find the nearest store that can help you redeem your gift card.

Store locator: https://www.heb.com/store-locations


Is HEB giving away 80 coupons for surveys?

HEB is giving away 60 coupons per month for a year, which equals 720 HEB coupons in the offer period of one year for filing a survey.

Do people win the HEB survey Gift cards?

Yes. There is a list of monthly winners on the official website of the HEB survey. You can check it here HEB survey winners

How to enter HEB sweepstakes?

You have 3 ways of entering the sweepstakes:
No. 1 – By filling online survey at www.heb.com/survey
No. 2 – By Calling the phone number on the invitation receipt
No. 3 – By mailing your details and wish to participate in the sweepstakes to the abovementioned mailing address.

Do people actually win the HEB sweepstakes?

Yes, About 60 people are awarded the sweepstakes every month. You can check the winners’ list at HEB survey winners

Who owns HEB?

HEB is owned by Florence Butt and the current corporate officials are Charles Butt and Martin Otto.

How do I get HEB digital coupons?

You don’t earn reward points on purchases at Marco’s. Instead, You get a receipt which you need to complete an online survey for fetching a free coupon.

What time does HEB close?

HEB normally closes at 10 or 11 pm. But it varies from store to store.

What time does HEB open?

HEB normally opens at 6 am or 7 am. But it varies from store to store.

How many HEB stores are there?

Currently, there are more than 420 HEB stores in Texas and Mexico.

What time does HEB customer service close?

The HEB customer service closes at 11 pm.

Where is the nearest HEB?

You can search on https://www.heb.com/store-locations to find your nearest HEB store

How to use HEB digital coupons?

HEB sells many types of Gift Cards. Here are a few examples:

What gift cards does HEB sell?

HEB sells many types of Gift Cards. Here are a few examples:
H-E-B Texas Flag. $5 – $500.
H-E-B. $5 – $500.
H-E-B Calavera. $5 – $500.
H-E-B Icing on the Cake. $5 – $500

How to check HEB Gift Card balance?

You can easily check your HEB Gift card balance online at: https://www.heb.com/giftcards/checkBalance
Also, you can check it at the HEB store physically.

How to join HEB survey sweepstakes?

You have 2 ways of entering the HEB survey sweepstakes:
No. 1 – By filling online survey at www.heb.com/survey
No. 2 – By Calling the phone number on the invitation receipt and follow the automated conversation.

What are the odds of winning the HEB survey prize?

The odds of winning largely depend upon the no. of participants every month. So, it is highly unpredictable.

To End With…

Very rarely do we get rewarded for our routine? Without changing your daily plans, you can tirelessly enter this sweepstake to make a bundle of money. The provision of entry to the survey every day can hop you in for the chance of winning the lucky coupon. Just follow the instructions mentioned above and take care of all the deadlines and expiries, as your efforts and chances can go in vain. Also, don’t forget to answer the call that can take you to your dream of winning the $100 bill at www heb com survey for 10 entries. Shopping for groceries can never be so rewarding, thanks to HEB !!

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