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www.myshopriteexperience.com – $500 Gift Card Awaits You at ShopRite Customer Survey

For more than 76 years, ShopRite has been excelling in its service in every aspect, from food quality to customer service to cleanliness. In these 76 years, it established its stores all over the U.S and has always lived up to the expectation of people. As a result, ShopRite has now created a feedback survey at www.myshopriteexperience.com where they are seeking feedback from their customers and making changes accordingly.

About ShopRite

ShopRite is a retailer cooperative of supermarkets founded in 1946. Its headquarters is located in Keasbey, New Jersey, United States. Its stores are located at 321 locations, and it has 51 members. Wakefern Food Corporation is the parent organization of ShopRite. ShopRite is one of the largest food retailers in New Jersey now, and earlier, it was the best food retailer for more than 70 years in the entire New York metropolitan area.

My Shoprite Experience Feedback Survey Overview

Store NameShopRite
Survey Type (Online/ Offline)Online
Survey URLwww.myshopriteexperience.com
RewardsFive ShopRite gift cards worth $100
Receipt Validity Periodunlimited
Survey LimitOnly one person is allowed to enter the survey on one receipt
Time to Complete the Survey5 minutes

What is the Criteria to Enter Shoprite Experience Survey?

Rules and regulations to enter the My ShopRite experience survey are as follows:

  • You should be at least 18 years of age or more than that.
  • You must be the legal resistance of the United States of America.
  • Only one person can enter the ShopRite feedback survey and one receipt.
  • You should have the purchase receipt from ShopRite to participate in the survey.
  • Any purchase from ShopRite will not help you in any way to win the ShopRite sweepstakes.
  • The gift card has no expiry date till you claim your rewards.

What are Shoprite Customer Satisfaction survey Requirements?

These are the things that you need to have to participate in ShopRite customer survey:

  • You should have a phone, pc or laptop to enter www.myshopriteexperience.com survey.
  • A good internet connection is mandatory.
  • A purchase receipt is required.
  • You should have a valid Email address.

Shoprite Rewards

If you participate in the ShopRite survey at www.myshopriteexperience.com and enter their sweepstakes, then you have a fantastic opportunity to win amazing rewards from ShopRite. If you enter their sweepstakes and win it, you will get five gift cards from ShopRite worth $100. And this is not only a reward if you visit their store, but they also have various sales going on every occasion when you get discounts. They also have various ShopRite coupons and gift cards on their website, which you can buy and gift to your loved ones.

How to Take www.myshopriteexperience.com Survey Online?

Follow these steps to participate in the ShopRite customer satisfaction survey:

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  • After that, the survey website will open, asking you to enter the details like date, time, store number, register number, and transaction.
  • Enter the date, time, 3-digit store number, register number, and transaction number of shopping.
  • After entering all the details, click “Start” to start the survey.
  • Then many questions will appear on your screen one by one. Answer them all.
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  • After answering all the questions, if you want to enter their sweepstakes, give the required information like your Name, Address, City, State, Zip/Postal code, Phone Number, and Email Address.
Myshopriteexperience com image

ShopRite Sweepstakes

To enter the ShopRite sweepstakes, you must provide your personal information, including your Name, Email address, phone number, pin, etc. You are eligible to enter the sweepstakes if you are a legal resident of the U.S and 18 years of age. However, any purchase from ShopRite will not help you to win. If you win the sweepstakes, you will get five gift cards from ShopRite worth $100. Please provide your contact details like name, email address, state, pin code, etc., so they can send you your gift card. You can enter this sweepstake through two methods 1. Online method, and 2. Mail-in Method.

  • To enter through the online method, you need to complete myshopriteexperience com survey and fill out the sweepstakes form at the end.
  • To enter through the Mail-in method, you need a 3”x5” card mentioning your name, address, and telephone number. On the envelope, write ShopRite “customer Experience” sweepstakes and send it to PO Box 407, Macedon, NY 14502-0407.

Questionnaire of Shoprite Feedback Survey

  • Please rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at this Shoprite.
  • How likely are you to recommend this to friends or family?
  • Which of the following best describes your shopping experience?
  • Thinking about your experience with ShopRite where you received this survey invitation, please rate your satisfaction with: –
    • The ease of locating the products you were looking for.
    • The freshness of the meat and seafood. If you did not shop for meat and seafood, select N/a.
    • The friendliness of the cashier. Suppose you did not interact with a cashier N/a.
    • The freshness of the product.
    • The deli department. If you did not shop in the deli department, select N/A.
    • The price of the product.
  • How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements about ShopRite?
    • Has lower prices than other stores.
    • Ensures the cleanliness of their stores.
    • Has consistently helpful customer service throughout the store.
  • If you were talking with the owner of ShopRite, where you most recently shopped, what would you want them to know about your shopping experience?
  • Please select your gender.
  • Please select your age.
  • Please select which of the following best describes your background.
  • Would you like to enter our sweepstakes?
  • Please fill out your contact information below. This information will not be used for marketing purposes. Your address is needed in case you win our sweepstakes.

ShopRite Customer Support

  • Phone Number: 1-800-746-7748
  • Mailing Address: ShopRite customer care, PO Box: 7812, Edison, NJ 08818
  • Headquarters Address: Keasbey, New Jersey, United States
  • Website: www.shoprite.com

ShopRite Hours of Operation

ShopRite provides services to their customers every week from Monday to Sunday. It is open for 10 hours. ShopRite is closed on New Year, Labour Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, and Day before Thanksgiving.

  • Working Hours: 7 AM-10 PM
  • Support Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM, Saturday and Sunday: 9 AM to 5 PM

ShopRite Near Me

ShopRite is one of the largest food chains in the world. It is located in 321 places and has more than 300 stores. However, you can find one nearby you at www.shoprite.com go to this site’s homepage and select the type and enter the zip code for the locations where you want to visit the store.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check the ShopRite gift card balance?

To check the ShopRite gift card balance, call on the toll-free number given on the back of the ShopRite gift card, or you can check the gift card balance on the ShopRite website at https://www.shoprite.com/giftcards

Does ShopRite sell Amazon gift cards?

Yes, Amazon sells ShopRite gift cards.

What gift cards does ShopRite sell?

ShopRite sells gift cards for every occasion.

Where to buy ShopRite gift cards?

You can buy ShopRite gift cards online from the ShopRite website at https://www.shoprite.com/giftcards or on Amazon at www.amazon.com.

What time does ShopRite open?

ShopRite opens at 7 AM. It is possible, however, that timings vary according to the location of the store.

What time does ShopRite close?

ShopRite closes at 10 PM. However, timings may vary depending on the location of the store.

Who owns ShopRite?

Wakefern Food Corporation owns ShopRite.

Where is the nearest ShopRite?

you can find the nearest ShopRite nearby you at www.shoprite.com. You will need to select the type and enter the zip code for the location.

How to give ShopRite feedback?

you can give ShopRite feedback by participating in the ShopRite survey at www.myshopriteexperience.com.

Where is the security code on ShopRite gift cards?

The security code is at the back of the ShopRite gift card.

How to get ShopRite super coupons?

You will find ShopRite super coupons in the weekly ShopRite advertisement.

How to use ShopRite digital coupons?

ShopRite customers can register for digital coupons through the app or website. Upon purchasing the qualifying item, customers can redeem the coupon.

When does ShopRite triple coupons?

There will be a weekly advertisement featuring ShopRite triple coupons.

How to coupon at ShopRite?

You can view products by logging into the ShopRite app and clicking ‘load to card’. Once you enter the phone number used to redeem the coupon, ShopRite coupons will automatically be deducted.

Where can you purchase ShopRite gift cards for gas?

To earn a $25 ShopRite gas rewards, purchase $75 worth of products at ShopRite using the Price Plus card.

How to add a ShopRite coupon code from home?

You will be able to apply a ShopRite promo code or coupon code at the time of pickup if you accept pick-up orders.


Thank you for reading this article, and if you keep shopping from ShopRite, please participate in to enter www.myshopriteexperience.com survey and enter their sweepstakes to win amazing ShopRite rewards. The best thing about this survey is that just by investing your 5 minutes, you have a chance to win $500 gift card rewards from ShopRite.

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